The Fit Fab Life

I’ve noticed fitness is extremely important to our generation. I think this is a really good thing. We’re the generation to fight obesity in this country. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and I’m finally saying enough is enough. I joined a gym today and I must say I already feel much better.

I finally feel like I have control over my body. This is a feeling I’ve been trying to achieve my entire life. I’m committed and determined to create the body I want and maintain it. I know it sounds cliche but this year will be the year of my best self. Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t just about working out. It takes your entire mind, body, and soul to become healthy.

I started on working to have a healthier mind at the beginning of this year. I decided to change my major from Econ to Journalism. Economics stressed me out beyond belief last semester. I’m just not a theory person and unfortunately that’s all econ is about. I realized I’ve always loved writing articles and short stories so why not try journalism. It was a great decision. I know I haven’t kept up very well with this blog, but I’m going to change that. This blog is the start to my journalism career.

I think its pretty obvious what I’m doing to improve my body. I’ve started eating healthier and working out. Next week I’m starting to work with a personal trainer. I’m extremely excited about this because I want a fitness plan that will change my body for the better.

This is the year of the new, best me. I’ll keep you updated on my journey.


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