The Fit Fab Life

I’ve noticed fitness is extremely important to our generation. I think this is a really good thing. We’re the generation to fight obesity in this country. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and I’m finally saying enough is enough. I joined a gym today and I must say I already feel much better.

I finally feel like I have control over my body. This is a feeling I’ve been trying to achieve my entire life. I’m committed and determined to create the body I want and maintain it. I know it sounds cliche but this year will be the year of my best self.¬†Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t just about working out. It takes your entire mind, body, and soul to become healthy.

I started on working to have a healthier mind at the beginning of this year. I decided to change my major from Econ to Journalism. Economics stressed me out beyond belief last semester. I’m just not a theory person and unfortunately that’s all econ is about. I realized I’ve always loved writing articles and short stories so why not try journalism. It was a great decision. I know I haven’t kept up very well with this blog, but I’m going to change that. This blog is the start to my journalism career.

I think its pretty obvious what I’m doing to improve my body. I’ve started eating healthier and working out. Next week I’m starting to work with a personal trainer. I’m extremely excited about this because I want a fitness plan that will change my body for the better.

This is the year of the new, best me. I’ll keep you updated on my journey.


Is it possible for Millennials to be classy and date?

A common issue Millennials are experiencing right now is many of their peers don’t want to go on traditional dates. They’re just looking for to hook up. Millennials were born into the age of the internet. Naturally they would go online to find partners to date. However, this doesn’t always create the best environment.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on college campus’. However, this is not the dating style our parents and grandparents were used to. It is so common to get a first message containing inappropriate sexual content on Tinder it has became expected. Whatever happened to courtship and romance? How did it become socially acceptable to receive these inappropriate messages? Many classy young people want to go on nice first dates, instead of just hooking up. Receiving these messages make some people feel like they aren’t being respected. A big part of being classy is respecting yourself and others. The sender of those inappropriate sexual messages are not classy and they certainly are not respecting you. Do you really want to be around someone who doesn’t respect you?

The pressure to hook up on a first date or early on in a relationship is insanely high for college age people. No one should be pressured or pressuring people into doing something they don’t want to do. A classy date should entail going for coffee, dinner, or something like that. Going on a date like this demonstrates that both people have enough respect for the other person that they want to get to know them. They like the person for their mind, not their body. This is something I believe is getting lost in our generation; people aren’t taking the time to get to know their partners. How can you plan to be in a relationship with someone if you don’t know them. Going on a dinner date allows you to see if your personalities are compatible. You will not be compatible with every person you go on a date with. And that is OKAY!

So the question remains; is it possible for Millennials’ to be classy and date? I believe it is. It may be more difficult for our generation than our parents, but it is possible. There are people out there who want to get to know you. It’s important to surround ourselves with people who respect us. We must stop allowing it to be socially acceptable for people to send sexually inappropriate first messages and pressuring people into hooking up. It’s not classy, respectful, or okay.

What it means to be Classy

Being classy isn’t acting a certain way for a day or two. Being classy is a lifestyle. Jackie O is one of the best examples of class in American history. She was always dressed properly for the event and presented herself with grace. There are two main points to being classy: the look and the act. Both of these are important, however, the later is more crucial.

The look. Many attribute classiness to preppy style. This is absolutely wrong. Any style can be classy! In our Grandmother’s day there might have been more fashion rules. However, this is 2016. You can be preppy, hipster, trendy, really anything you want as long as it’s you. Other than frompy; no one can be classy in oversized, ratty clothes. No matter your personal style you must look presentable. As Coco Chanel said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”¬†this is the definition of being classy. Women who are classy are remembered for their personality, intelligence, and style. Isn’t that what we all want? To be remembered for our minds instead of how much cleavage we show or how tight our skirts are. Jackie O will always be remembered for her stunning style, but thats not all she will be remembered for.

The act. Jackie was one of the first, first ladies to make a speech all on her own. She demonstrated her intelligence and kindness in all of her acts. Classy women are smart, loyal, kind, well spoken, but above all they have amazing manners. Good manners are an art I believe is being lost in our generation. I’ve noticed many people act rudely in social situations. It is not classy to go around cursing or chewing with your mouth open; just to give a few examples. It is important to learn proper etiquette. No one would want to be at dinner with a boss or client and not know which fork to use. That’s just embarrassing! That would never happen to a classy person. It’s very important to be prepared and know what to do. Classy women are always ready for the unpredictable, have respect for others, don’t spread gossip, and have many more amazing qualities. Overall, being classy is a sign of maturity and grace.jackie o